Mrs. Alison Kraft welcomes you to 2nd Grade!    

A Glimpse of 2nd Grade . . .
Second Grade is the best!  There is always something happening!

God is a very important part of our lives.  In Religion, we learn how God cares for us, and how we can serve Him. Also, every year, the second graders portray a saint that they are named after or are interested in studying on All Saints' Day. We study the saints, talk about what it means to be a saint, and dress up for our All Saints' Day Mass.  We also share with everyone what we learned about our saints.

This year we will be learning some very exciting things!  In Reading and math, we are using the PA  Core Standards to guide our learning. These standards are designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to be successful now, in college, and in their future careers. Our new Reading series, “Reading Street,” is based on PA Core Standards. Each unit has an overall concept that ties the engaging stories together.  Our English lessons are intertwined with Reading lessons as the program aligns writing opportunities with the stories we read.  Grammar skills are also taught. The Math series is aligned to the PA Core Standards. Topics we will study include addition and subtraction of up to three digits, time, measurement, geometry, fractions, and an introduction to multiplication and division. We will use these concepts to solve real-world problems.  We use manipulatives to help understand some of these abstract concepts.  We also do a lot of hands-on activities as we study topics in science such as plants, fossils and dinosaurs, earth and space, and matter to name a few.  In fact, we go out to the new hummingbird/butterfly garden as part of our plant study.  In social studies, some of the topics we learn about are communities, the continents and oceans, American history, and conserving natural resources.  Finally, students always look forward to second grade because they are taught that grown-up skill of cursive writing!  They love it! 

Student work can be seen throughout the classroom.  Student learning activities are varied to address different learning styles.  Students may be moving about the room, drawing pictures or writing ideas, working with a partner or small group, using various manipulatives, sharing with the class, or perhaps playing a game.  The goal is to keep your child engaged, learning, and loving Second Grade! 

Your child is a Super Star!  Each week, your child will have an opportunity to shine!  It begins when Curious George comes home for the weekend.  Your child keeps a journal of their adventures together and shares it on Monday.  Your child has a bulletin board dedicated to him/her, shares a favorite book, and has a show-and-tell day.  The week culminates with a book that the class makes for your child.  Everyone looks forward to having George come home. 

Second Grade is so much fun and it is truly a joy to teach your child!


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