Healthy bodies produce active minds and happy spirits!

Healthy bodies produce active minds and happy spirits! The focus of physical education classes at Saint Ambrose school is the development of healthy lifestyles, motor skills,  movement knowledge, and social and personal skills. It is expected that students will enjoy physical activity, develop and maintain acceptable levels of physical fitness, develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so they experience success and feel comfortable during present and future physical activity pursuits. Additionally, it is expected they develop the ability to get along with others in movement environments (e.g. Share space and equipment, employ the “golden rule” of competition to be a good sport and demonstrate cooperative behavior). The program is designed to encourage maximum participation during class time. Active participation improves students’ fitness, skills, and enjoyment. The students will become “energized through exercise!” Students have physical education one day each week. On their gym day, they must wear the St. Ambrose gym uniform to school and remain in it throughout the day. Sneakers are to be worn with the gym uniform. If a student wishes to wear the gym uniform shorts for gym, he/she must wear their gym sweat pants over them at all times other than during gym class except in September, October, May and June (weather permitting). Student's clothing should be labeled with their name whenever possible. The gym uniform includes a short-sleeved grey T-shirt, a long-sleeved grey T-shirt and a long-sleeved grey or black sweatshirt with the St. Ambrose logo. The gym uniform pants can be grey fleece, black fleece or red mesh with the St. Ambrose School logo. In warmer weather, students can wear red mesh shorts with the school logo and the grey T-shirt.