Welcome to St. Ambrose Kindergarten!

Every day is a new experience. We begin each day with learning about God, using the Christ our Life series from Loyola Press. We talk about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, angels, saints and how much God loves us. In Reading we are learning about the English language using the Reading Street series. Each week, we learn about letters using real and fantasy stories. We enjoy writing and looking at story books for words we know. In Math, we are reviewing common core math skills, practicing numbers every day, using Sadlier-Oxford Progress in Mathematics. We enjoy center activities, which may include: coloring, painting, Legos, shaving cream, listening to stories, building, kitchen play, cars, counting, letter hunts, sorting, blocks, dominoes, creating with construction paper, and dancing. Every day, we enjoy a hot lunch in our school Parish Center and after lunch we get to play in our special playground. Our afternoon is filled with fun activities. We enjoy using our computer room three times each week and I-pads twice a week. We have music class, art class with Mrs. Miller and gym class with Mrs. Farr. The Kindergarten class has an end of the year Celebration during the Saturday Mass closest to the end of school that parents and friends are welcome to attend. It showcases all that we have done in this special year of growing.  Please contact me with any questions about our program.

Mrs. Louise Kadingo        

My email is mrskadingo@gmail.com


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Themes Throughout the Year May Include:
September -- Welcomes/Names/The Bible/God's World/Shapes/Colors/Apples/Healthy Foods
October -- Quiet/Prayer/Family/Fire Prevention/Senses/Our Community/Spiders/Numbers/Bats/Fall Harvest
November -- I Am Special/Growing/Thanking/Native Americans/Turkeys
December -- Preparing/Choosing/Parades/Zoo/Holidays/
January -- Shepherds/Hearts/Hands/Penguins/Martin Luther King/Staying Healthy/Catholic Schools
February -- Feelings/Groundhogs/Dental Health/Presidents/100th Day
March -- Butterflies/Light/Celebrating/Planets/Shamrocks/Saints/Computers
April -- Air/Joy/Life/Oceans/Safety/Trees/Eggs/Farm
May -- Seeds/Family Life/Playground Safety/Ocean Animals/Vowels/Summer Safety


Interesting and Helpful Websites  

Crayola - http://www.crayola.com                                                Starfall - http://www.starfall.com

Game aquarium- http://www.gamequarium.com                        Scholastic - http://www.scholastic.com

Dr.Jean - http://www.drjean.org                                                   Education - http://www.Education.com

Enchanted Learning - http://www.enchantedlearning.com       US Mint- http://www.usmint.gov/kids

ABC Kindergarten -http://www.abc123kindergarten.com          Idea Box- http://www.theideabox.com 

Weekly Reader- http://www.weeklyreader.com                        

National Geographic- http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/kids/ 

Seussville - http://www.seussville.com                                            Smart kids - http://www.smartkids.com 

Fun Brain - http://www.funbrain.com                                               Family Fun - http://www.familyfun.com

Bob the Builder - http://www.bobthebuilder.com                          Ed videos -  http://www.neok12.com/

Turtle Diary- http://www.turtlediary.com/kids-videos.html

Manchester University-  http://www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/


Ways To Study Alphabet Sounds

1. Cut out pictures from magazines or newspapers beginning with the letter.

2. Draw pictures of items beginning with the letter.

3. Cut out words beginning with the letter from magazines, newspapers, food cans, boxes, etc.

4. Find items in the grocery or department store that begin with the letter.

5. Read books beginning with the letter or that have the letter in the title.

6. Read alphabet books with all of the letters and words beginning with each letter.

7. Watch alphabet learning videos (or make your own).

8. Find street signs beginning with the letter.

9. Play "I spy . . ." with items beginning with the letter.

10. Make food beginning with the letter (for example, soup, sandwich).

11. Do art/craft projects beginning with the letter.

12. Write the letter and try to form it into something that begins with the letter. For example, draw a butterfly using two capital B's back to back attaching antennae.

13. Make the letter and things that begin with the letter with clay.

14. Make lists of names, animals, fruits, vegetables, toys, etc. that begin with the letter.

15. Learn songs or Nursery songs beginning with the letter.

16. Make up and say tongue twisters beginning with the letter.

17. Make "Fish" or "Concentration" card games where any 2 pictures that begin the same are matches.

18. Make a book in the shape of the letter and fill it with words or pictures beginning with the letter.

19. Glue tactile materials on letter shapes.

20. Make a "treasure hunt" where you hunt for only things that begin with the letter.

21. Go on a scavenger hunt for items beginning with the letter. You can give the child a bag with the letter on it and see if he/she can find items.

22. Make up matching games where the child matches a letter with a picture that begins with that letter.

23. Make a beginning game where the child must say a word beginning with the letter his/her beanbag lands on in order to get the points.

24. Write the child's name (or names of family members) across the top of a piece of paper and draw underneath each letter an object corresponding to each letter in the name.

25. Take a snapshot of something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Use the snapshots to

make your own alphabet book.