Welcome to the 1st Grade! 

In Religion……..we love learning Bible stories and a respect and love for Jesus and our church. We welcome children of all faiths.

In Reading......Your child now exhibits the skills that he/she will need to know to begin to start reading on their own.  We will read numerous stories this year that will enhance students comprehension strategies.  We will focus on characters of stories, settings, genre, and much more.  We will build on fluency and voice while reading so we can be strong independent readers that show confidence while reading.  Grammar skills will also be taught throughout the year to enhance our writing skills.

In Math.....First grade has recently purchased a new math series called Progress In Math.  It has all the up-to-date guidelines and information that will help your child achieve in every area of mathematics. We will cover topics such as whole numbers, addition, subtraction, graphing, geometry, and so much more! Many hands-on activities are planned to teach this years upcoming math lessons and your children will see that mathematics can be so much fun!

In science.....we will focus on life science where we will talk about plants and animals and why they are important to our environment. We will also focus on the human body and we will learn simplified facts about how it works.  We will also talk about weather and different types of rocks.

In social studies.....we will focus on family throughout the year.  We will look at the importance of family and how our family impacts the community. 

First grade is full of exciting new things to learn!  We will take flight on what is sure to be an amazing year.

God Bless

Miss Reinert





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