Miss Bachert Welcomes You to the Fifth Grade!!

You are now in the upper grades! That means you will be changing classes.  You may also become a member of the Student Council and you can participate in clubs. Your homeroom classes include:  Math, Spelling, Reading, Social Studies, Handwriting, Art and Music, all taught by Miss Bachert. Technology classes will be taught by Mr. Hale. Mr. Kulich will teach Science and Religion. Grammar and Writing will be taught by Miss Reynolds. You will go to Mrs. Johnson for Literature. Mrs. Farr will teach Physical Education. 

In Religion we learn the meaning of worshiping God in community. The worship of God includes prayer and service. We will look more closely at how we worship God through the sacraments and liturgy.

In Reading and Math, we are using the PA Core Standards to guide our learning. These standards are designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills that you will need to be successful now, in college, and in your future careers. Our new reading series, “Reading Street,” is based on PA Core Standards. Each unit has an overall concept that ties the engaging stories together. The program also has an online component that provides additional activities for you to do at home. In Math, topics we will study include decimals and fractions, measurement systems and volume, data, graphing, and 2-dimensional figures. We will use these concepts to solve real-world problems.

In English, we will continue to study grammar and diagramming sentences. We will write to entertain, inform, and persuade. In social studies, we will learn about our nation’s history starting with the first Americans, moving through the age of exploration, into our fight for Independence, and finishing with how our nation grew and changed. Mr. Kulich covers a wide range of topics in science. Here are just a few of the topics you will study: classifying living things, molecular theory (i.e. atoms and the elements of the periodic table), the metric system, and weather. You will use the scientific method to document the discoveries you make throughout the year.

Along with learning facts and figures, we will be learning how to be more independent. We will also be using abstract thought. We will take what we have learned and ask, "What does this mean to me?" 

There is much going on in Fifth Grade. Come and be a part of it!